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Corporron Family

More than three decades ago, Jim and Dolores Corporron selected the Santa Gertrudis breed, largely for their self-sufficiency. Today they are still believers with a long list of reasons to raise them.

Corporron and family, own and operate Corporron Acres, Pinnacle Cattle Company and Hidden Antler Ranch with headquarters outside Schulenburg, Texas with operations in Lavaca and Fayette counties in South Central Texas. Pinnacle Cattle Company belongs to the Rodney Corporron family and shares genetics and resources with Corporron Acres, and they also own and operate Pinnacle Whitetails. Hidden Antler Ranch, is owned by Randy Corporron Family and is primarily a deer and wildlife operation. Rodney, Randy and Connor Corporron are also co-owners of Pinnacle Whitetails.  

Corporron Acres is home to about 300 momma cows and a commercial herd of Star Five Santa Gertrudis-based females. Plus Corporron is one of the breed’s biggest proponents, and a strong voice for American breeds in general.

In 1973, he and a partner founded and operated an electronics distribution and contract manufacturing company headquartered in Houston, Texas. He served as president of Kent Electronics, a company that would grow to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. He was looking for a breed of cattle that basically would take care of themselves during the week, while he was in Houston and traveling on business.

“Early on my father-in-law helped with the cattle, but they were required to take care of themselves for the most part. They did that and so much more,” recalls Corporron.

The herd includes the genetics from the programs of Briggs Ranches, Wendt Ranches, Harris Farms, Red Doc Farms, and Grandview Farms, just to name a few, and this represents more than 100 years combined breeding of top Santa Gertrudis cattle.

In addition to their self-sufficiency, Corporron has found many attributes in the cattle to keep him involved in the breed.

“I am impressed with their efficiency, fertility, the extra profits from the gainability. Plus these cattle are very adaptable to a wide range of environments and perhaps more impressive is that they will thrive under less then desirable conditions. They excel in crossbreeding programs and their genetics are very complimentary to all breeds,” says Corporron.

Top genetics, the tools of ultrasound, DNA testing, extensive EPD analysis, artificial insemination and embryo transfers are used to accelerate the program. Strict health practices are adhered to and Corporron seeks the assistance of top cattlemen to continue the improvement and genetic advancement of his program. They also use a genetic consultant to further advance their program and attend the Texas A&M University Beef Cattle Short Course annually to further our knowledge.

Private treaty sales and select consignment sales are used to market the seedstock. Corporron is a sponsor of the Bluebonnet Classic and Tri Star Sales and markets cattle through avenues, such as prestigious sales held at the San Antonio and Houston Livestock Shows.

The commercial program at Corporron Acres consists of Star Five Santa Gertrudis females bred to Hereford and Angus bulls. The ranch consigns pairs annually to the San Antonio Livestock Show Commercial Female Sale.

When Corporron retired from Kent Electronics and he and his wife, Dolores, moved to the ranch. He began devoting time to his cowherd and the association through involvement in various committees and industry wide meetings.

In 2002, he was elected to the SGBI Board of Directors. His business experience and expertise was soon put to use, as in Houston in 2003, when he was elected president for a two year term.

In 2011, the Mid-Coast Santa Gertrudis Association named Corporron Acres as their 2011 Breeder of the Year. In 2014 and 2015 the operation earned the top honor at the San Antonio All Breed Bull and Commercial Heifer Sale, as a pen of their Star 5 females won the overall grand champion title two years straight.

The Corporrons celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary in 2008 and Dolores passed away January 4, 2009 due to ovarian cancer.  Today the family includes Randy and his wife, Kay, Rodney and wife, Barbara and daughter Diane and her husband Doug, eight grandchildren and three great-granddaughters.

Craig, Kristin (Corporron) and Annie Carlson, Kay and Randy Corporron, Sabrina, Chloe and Ryan Corporron

McKenna, Rodney, Barbara, Calie, and Connor Corporron

Hannah, Doug, Diane and Elaine Goulden

Pinnacle Deer Facility owned by Rodney and Connor Corporron